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Location: BAY AREA

Year: 2019
Length: 16
Sleeps: 2
Weight: 3500
Exterior: Silver
Interior: RED ROCK
Stock #: D6279
VIN #: 1SMG4DC12KJ204324

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Staff Photo  Linda H.   Adventure Advisor 

I love that Airstream is an iconic brand that has been around for over 85 years. I love to share with my Guests that, with an Airstream trailer, they can experience any adventure they want, anywhere and anytime. Airstreams are never compared with any other brand because nobody else builds trailers like Airstream Inc. Their attention to detail and their responsibility to the brand really drives their daily actions in creating quality trailers to pass on from generation to generation.

Being part of AANW was the best decision I’ve ever made in my professional life. I completely practice and support the “AANW Way”, the Vision, Core Values, Mission and Commitments to our Guests. It is gratifying and an honor to be a part of the best company that empowers, guides and supports each Team Member.

  • Who inspires you? My husband, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • What’s your secret talent? I used to sing with my husband professionally at different venues. My true passion nowadays is cooking!
  • Super power of choice? The ability to grow things (vegetables) in small spaces. I enjoy “square foot gardening”.

Staff Photo  Dennis O.   Adventure Advisor 

I love engaging with my Guests here at AANW and learning about their new adventures and explorations they will soon to be embarking on! It’s reassuring to know that they will be creating new memories from the safety and ease of towing to the quality hand craftsmanship and iconic appeal and styling.

I love working with everyone at AANW. The team collectively agrees that whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler, the initial purchase experience is just the first step to a long-term committed relationship!

  • Who inspires you? My family inspires me!
  • What’s your secret talent? I play guitar and sing.
  • Super power of choice? The ability to read my dog’s mind!

Staff Photo  Mike M.   Adventure Advisor 

As a youngster, my fondest memories were cruising up and down the West Coast in an RV. We would hug the coastline, climb the mountain passes, and pursue desert landscapes. Spending two days in an Airstream feels like two weeks. Our most precious commodity is time and if an Airstream helps us get that back, it is truly a time-capsule on wheels.

With a genuine passion for travel, I feel that leisure activities can play a significant role in family unity and stress reduction. Some people spend their entire year working relentlessly to support their families. The opportunity for them to go on vacation should not be taken lightly. It is my duty to ensure our Guests are provided accurate information and dependable service.

At Airstream Adventures Northwest, it’s our quest to help every Guest create the most incredible Memories & Adventures. This is the first company I have worked for that empowers its employees to do whatever it takes to ensure total satisfaction. Our growth in the last decade would have been impossible without this commitment.

  • Who inspires you? My wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters that teach me every day to look at the bright side of things.
  • What’s your secret talent? Having an acute psychic intuition. No, I don’t own a glass ball or tarot cards. Yes, your future holds life-changing magical Airstream adventures.
  • Super power of choice? The ability to fly to the moon. Race shooting stars.

Staff Photo  Jocelyn W.   Adventure Advisor 

What I enjoy most about working with Guests looking for an Airstream is that I have a part in making their dreams come true. This brings them great joy and allows for them to create memories and explore new adventures that will last a lifetime. I love hearing about the memories my Guests have of their childhood camping adventures in an Airstream.

What I love about Airstreams is that they are an American icon made by real people that take pride in what they are building. They are built to last a lifetime and hold the highest resale in the industry.

Every day I get to work with the best owners, best product, best sales managers and have the best work hours, best company benefits and most of all have the most fun meeting new people every day that all have the Airstream lifestyle in common.

  • Who inspires you? My parents who are no longer with us were my inspiration.
  • What is your secret talent? Playing the piano.
  • Super power of choice? The ability to read minds.

Staff Photo  Eugene P.   Adventure Advisor 

My favorite part about working with AANW is meeting the guests whose lives have been enriched by Airstreams. I love the craftsmanship that goes into making these incredible machines. 

I was drawn to AANW because of the fact that we specialize in Airstream exclusively. I learn more and more everyday about this remarkable brand, and what makes it so iconic. The history, community, and lifestyle is unlike anything else on the planet. 

  • Who Inspires you? My Mother and Father
  • What is your secret talent? I do voice impersonations
  • Super Power of choice? Travel through time

Staff Photo  Greg L.   Adventure Advisor 

Working with our Guests looking for Airstreams is unlike working with any other customer interested in a product because they are the most informed shoppers who demand the quality and engineering that comes with the Airstream brand.

What I love about Airstreams is that they are the only travel trailers bucking trends by offering modern, stylish interiors to go along with their classic shiny curved exterior. There is no doubt that Airstreams have the corner on the market when it comes to style.

  • Who inspires you? My uncle Dave.
  • What’s your secret talent? Race car driver.
  • Super power of choice? MacGyver.

Staff Photo  Danny Q.   Adventure Advisor 

It is beyond exciting for me to share our product and history with our Guests. Walking in to any Airstream is like walking through the gates of Disneyland for the first time. Something magical happens when they find the Airstream that is right for them. The one that caters to all their unique needs and wants. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the specific Airstream they have chosen is the one that will take them thousands of miles, visiting sights that some people can only dream of. From that moment, you know you have helped change their life!

I love that almost everyone I speak with says they have always dreamed of owning an Airstream. They are simply the coolest!

They say that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. I wake up in the morning excited and motivated to come to work. I know that every day that I walk in to work, I will help make someone’s dream come true. Aside from the dream making, we have the healthiest team relationship of any company I’ve ever worked for. Being part of a well-equipped, well-oiled team is a huge deal for me and gives me such pride!

  • Hometown? Seattle, Washington.
  • Who inspires you? Eric Manegold. He is a close mentor of mine who is responsible for many great things in my life. I consider him an Uncle. Oh, and he owns an Airstream Interstate!
  • What’s your secret talent? I am a professional musician by night and a professional Christmas decorator by season. I'm kind of like Sinatra and Clark Griswold all in one!
  • What's your super power of choice? Omnilinguilism. I would love nothing more than to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Staff Photo  Michael J.   Adventure Advisor 

I enjoy helping my Guests find the right Airstream as well as hearing about how long they've dreamed of owning one and the new adventures they have planned. For most, owning an Airstream is a dream they've had for years. Regardless of how long they've been looking, all have a vivid plan of how it fits into their lifestyle. My favorite aspect of Airstreams is their timelessness -- they are an iconic American symbol. Having met owners that maintain an Airstream originally purchased by their grandfather, I've learned that Airstreams are more than an RV.  They truly represent Memories & Adventures that will span for generations.  

When I started here in January 2015 I was aware of the respect garnered by the Airstream brand, but I didn't know that Airstream Adventures Northwest had created a team and company that excelled in providing a sales and service experience equal to the Airstream brand. I've seen countless displays of care and concern our management has put into going above and beyond for the Guests and Team Members.  I can say without hesitation that Airstream Adventures Northwest far exceeds my expectations, and that is why I choose to work here.

  • Who inspires you? My mother, for dedicating her life to raising me and my siblings, my father, for showing me what hard work and integrity looks like, and my girlfriend, for showing me what it means to fight for what you want and find a way to make it happen.
  • What's your secret talent? I love playing the piano and I enjoy baking (and have even done a couple wedding cakes and cupcakes!)
  • Super Power of choice? Flight.

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