Accessories Catalog

SwayPro by Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitch

SwayPro’s built-in optimized sway prevention uses the geometry and tension of a 4-point system to hold the trailer in line. Intelligent pitch angle of the head’s design works with the spring steel bars and latch attachments to prevent sway from starting.

Revolutionary Signature Series Rotating Latches
A handy latch tool provides leverage, and the easy wind-up action makes latching the chains easy and secure. Plus, the latch cannot be overloaded, and you can back up without removing the hitch. Rotating latches eliminate noise during turning and backing. Wrap-around chain design secures chains so they don’t make noise. Low profile latch bracket design is compatible with most A-frame accessories. Does not interfere with most battery compartments, LP bottles or enclosed trailer frames. If there is interference, bolt-on latches are available. The signature Series rotating latches enable you to hook up much quicker and with less hassle than traditional snap-up methods, and will improve the amount of clearance for enclosed trailer frames, propane bottles and battery compartments, all while allowing you to back up without disconnecting. Signature Series latches prevent sway at the source.

Grease-Free and don’t get dirty
Each spring bar snaps into place and grease is trapped inside the bar pivot head eliminating the messy bar ends. When you remove the bars, they are still clean and so are you.

Spring Bars are made from spring steel, providing a softer, smoother ride. SwayPro spring bars have a “spring” that provides deflection to smooth your ride and activate sway control. The flex also provides optimal weight distribution and improves ground clearance. There are no pins or clips, so you can’t lose them. Spring bars are self-locking. Simply push them into the pivot heads and you’re done. No head angle adjustment needed ever. Install hitch head at the proper height and you’re done. No serrated washers, no cams and no shim packs to fuss with. Never buy a new hitch again; simply use spring bars rated for a new trailer. Buy a heavier or lighter trailer and all you need is the properly rated spring bars. All other hitch components can stay. Save money!

The Original Equal-i-zer® Sway Control Hitch with Rigid Brackets and integrated Sway Control

The Secret to the Equal-izer ®,  Why Weight Distribution is Integrated 4-Point Sway Control™
The Equal-i-zer® hitch’s superior design makes it the best performing sway control hitch on the market. Four steel on steel friction points - known as 4- This Point Sway Control™ - provide unmatched resistance to your trailer’s attempts to sway. In fact, we’ve measured more than three times the resistance to lateral movement with the Equal-i-zer® hitch over other hitch options. That’s the premium performance of the Equal-i-zer® hitch; and that helps keep your family safe.

Rigid Brackets Instead of Chains
The Equal-i-zer® hitch’s rigid bracket design provides two of the Integrated Friction Sway Control points. Rigid brackets eliminate the pendulum effect caused by chains that can actually make sway worse! The rigid brackets are stable, and can ease the anxiety caused by weaving down the highway.

Rotational Friction
The patented Equal-i-zer® head adds two more powerful points of rotational friction to resist trailer sway. These two points use the entire weight of the trailer tongue to create friction that resists movement. Only the Equal-i-zer® hitch gives you the superior performance and safety that comes from Integrated Sway Control.

Why Weight Distribution is an Important Part of a Safe Trip
When you couple your trailer to your tow vehicle, the added weight causes your tow vehicle to teeter-totter over the rear axle. The front of the tow vehicle raises, and the rear sinks. This can cause a dangerous towing situation because less weight on the front axle can mean a loss of steering control. Coupling your trailer without a properly set up weight distribution hitch can cause dangerous loss of steering control. A good weight distribution hitch, like the Equal-i-zer®, changes the way the tow vehicle and trailer couple together. It creates something like a bridge between them, helping them work together like one unit instead of two, and distributing the weight more evenly to the axles of both vehicles. When coupling with a good weight distribution hitch, like the Equal-izer ®, your trailer’s tongue weight is more evenly distributed across all of the vehicle’s axles. With the Equal-i-zer® hitch setup to distribute your tongue weight properly, your steering wheels will stay more firmly planted on the ground.

Easy to Use
The Equal-i-zer® hitch is simple and easy to use, even for first time RVers.

No Add-on Hassles
With Equal-i-zer® hitch’s Integrated Sway Control™ there is no need for add-on sway control devices. Add-ons require the hassle of connecting and disconnecting them every time you hitch up or unhitch. You have to make space to store them. And you have to remove them in wet weather, tight turns, and when backing up! With the Equal-i-zer® hitch, you just hitch up. The sway control is engaged with no extra setup, storage, weather restrictions, or hassle!

PRIMUS® IQ The Smarter Braking Solution

Primus IQ is a totally proportional electric trailer brake control. This easy-to-set system allows the driver maximum flexibility when determining how the trailer should respond to a braking event. Snap-in dash mounting clip and removable electrical connector allow the unit to be quickly stored (or moved to another vehicle) when not in use.

  • Works proportionally in reverse.
  • No level adjustment necessary; adjusts to varying terrain as you drive.
  • Digital display shows voltage to trailer during braking.
  • “The Original Boost” feature allows for customized braking.
  • Integrated Plug & Play port for 2-plug adapters.
  • Diagnostic features incorporated in LED display.
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 3 braking axles.
  • Snap-in mounting clip allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.
  • Limited lifetime warranty (some conditions apply).

PRODIGY® P2 Advanced Intelligence

  • Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway.
  • Designed to work with electric over hydraulic brake systems.
  • Numerous mounting options - including 360- degree vertical rotation.
  • Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking.
  • No level adjustment necessary - it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive.
  • Great for backing into tough spots. Works proportionally in reverse with the ability to disable when not needed.
  • Produces stops that are in proportion to vehicle’s deceleration rate.
  • “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers.
  • Continual diagnostics check for proper connection, shorted magnet conditions and much more.
  • Integrated Plug & Play port for 2-plug adapters.
  • Pocket-mount allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles.
  • Limited lifetime warranty (some conditions apply).

Wireless Brake Control

In the Tow Vehicle Handheld Unit

  • Wireless communication between the remote hand unit and trailer mounted power module eliminates the need for under dash wiring.
  • Handheld unit plugs into any standard 12 volt power accessory adaptor.
  • Easy to see LED display for trailer brake voltage, power output and diagnostics.
  • Easy to use remote hand control - includes the Prodigy® Boost system to allow for different levels of customized braking.
  • Unit provides continual diagnostic scanning with a visual warning display.
  • Handheld unit has a 5-year limited warranty.

On the Trailer Power Module Unit

  • Power module uses standard RV Blade style Bargman 7-Way truck and trailer connectors.
  • Trailer Power Module is watertight and is powered through 7-Way cable from the tow vehicle.
  • Multiple mounting options on the tongue or front of the trailer.
  • Trailer mounted power module has a 15-year limited warranty, 1-year limited warranty on cord.

A Wireless Brake Controller for Your Smartphone

An Evolution in Control

The CURT Echo® mobile trailer brake controller #51180 is the first of its kind, providing an entirely new towing experience.

It syncs with your Apple or Android phone, turning it into a wireless brake controller interface. Its compact, portable design allows for intuitive, app-enabled functionality, easy transfer from one vehicle to another and convenient storage when not in use.

  • Wireless Portability. Fast, plug-and-play operation.
  • Bluetooth enabled. Connects wirelessly to smartphone.
  • Tool-free install. No permanent, invasive installation.

Battery Upgrades

Battery Upgrade

Install two additional Lifeline AGM batteries
Model: GPL-4CT
Voltage: 6V or 12V

Battery Upgrade

Two Interstate Batteries - Group 24
Model: SRM-24
Voltage: 12V

Battery Upgrade

Two Crown AGM batteries
Model: 12CRV80
Voltage: 12V

Battery Upgrade

Two Crown AGM batteries
Model: 6CRV220
Voltage: 6V

Battery Upgrade

Two group 24 - 200Ah Battle Born Lithium with converter and charge controller, if required
Model: BBGC2
Voltage: 12V

Battery Upgrade

Two group 27 - 240Ah Viper Lithium with converter and charge controller if required

Go further and stay out longer with off-grid solar

25 Year Warranty

Kit: ZSK1006
Watts: 100
Amps: 5.59
No. Panels: 1
Regulator: 30 Amp Deluxe Digital

Kit: ZSK1007
Watts: 200
Amps: 11.1
No. Panels: 2
Regulator: 30 Amp Deluxe Digital

Kit: ZSK1007+1006
Watts: 300
Amps: 16.8
No. Panels: 3
Regulator: 30 Amp Deluxe Digital


Kit: ZS-90-P
Watts: 90
Amps: 5
No. Panels: 2
Built In

Kit: ZS-140-P
Watts: 120
Amps: 7.8
No. Panels: 2
Built In

Kit: ZS-230-P
Watts: 200
Amps: 12.6
No. Panels: 2
Built In


Surge Protection

Model 34931
With LCD Display
120V, 30A
10/3 AWG Cord

Surge Protection

Model 34951
With LCD Display
120/240V, 50A
6/4 AWG Cord

  • Automatic reset on power restoration.
  • Automatically shuts off the power when the following is present:
    • Open neutral
    • Low (<120V) and High (>132V) Voltage
  • Continuously Monitors for:
    • Voltage and Amp Draw (RMS)
    • Reverse polarity (miswired pedestal, elevated ground voltage)
  • LCD Display (English)
  • 128 second reset delay protects A/C compressor.
  • 2450 Joules of power surge protection (Model 34730)
  • 3850 Joules of power surge protection (Model 34750)
Surge Protection

Model EMS-HW30C Amperage Display
120V, 30A
Data Cable 14’

Surge Protection

Model EMS-HW50C Amperage Display
120/240V, 50A
Data Cable 14’

  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection
  • Accidental 240V Protection
  • Miswired Pedestal Indication
  • Surge Failure Indicator
  • Amperage Meter Display
  • Previous Error Code
  • A/C Frequency Protection
  • Time Delay (136 seconds)
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • Thermally Protected
  • Remote Display w/Scrolling Digital Display
  • Field Serviceable
  • UL Certified and Canadian Approved
  • Lifetime Warranty

Converter with Built-in Charge

Upgrade your converter to safely recharge & maintain your RV batteries

Power Converter; Inteli-Power (R) 4600 Series; Converts 105 To 130 Volt AC To 13.6 Volt DC; 950 Continuous Watts; 55 Amps Maximum Output; 80 Percent Efficiency; With Reverse Battery/ Thermal Protection; 5.38 Inch Length x 13-1/4 Inch Width x 8 Inch Height; With Built-In Microprocessor Controlled Four Stage Charge Wizard.

Product Info

  • Ampere Rating: 55 Amps
  • Continuous Output Power (W): 950 Watts
  • Converts: 105 To 130 Volts AC To 13.6 Volts DC
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Height (IN): 8 in
  • Length (IN): 5.38 in
  • Remote On/Off Capable: No
  • Weight: 11.5000
  • Width (IN): 13-1/4 in
  • With Battery Cables: No
  • With Built-In Charger: Yes
  • With Fuse: No
  • With Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
  • With Short Circuit: No
  • With Thermal Protection: No
  • With USB Port: No
  • With Volt/Watt Meter: No


  • Charge Wizard 4-Stage Charging System Built-In
  • Dramatically Increases Battery Life
  • This Converter/Charger Will Not Boil The Battery
  • Intelligent Way To Charge And Maintain Your RV Battery
  • Easy To Install
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • Upgrade your converter to safely recharge & maintain your RV batteries

Turn any Airstream into a powerful Wi-Fi Network

Keep in touch with family and friends with Airstream Connected. Streaming entertainment, surfing the internet, and sharing your adventures has never been easier with the only connectivity kit made exclusively for Airstreamers.

Extend campground WiFi
Sometimes campground WiFi can be spotty. Airstream Connected lets you extend the coverage of existing WiFi networks by taking advantage of a high-gain, roof mounted antenna. With WiFi Boost, you can tell Airstream Connected to seamlessly join nearby WiFi networks.

Various purposes, multiple devices
Use several devices with Airstream Connected and make sure that nobody gets left behind. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your mobile device, tablet, computer, and smart speakers can work seamlessly together.

Adapts to fit your lifestyle
Vintage or brand new, Airstream Connected is compatible with any Airstream travel trailer or touring coach.

No more dropped calls, poor call quality & slow Wi-Fi

The weBoost® Drive 4G-X RV from Wilson Electronics is the most powerful RV cell phone signal booster in the USA.

  • Boosts 3G & 4G LTE for any vehicle
  • Works for all phones & cellular devices, on all major US carriers.
  • Complete kit: all parts included, easy install.
  • Most powerful RV signal booster.
  • Better talk, text & internet, guaranteed.

With up to +50 dB gain of power, it greatly enhances 3G & 4G LTE cell service for all your wireless cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, hotspots, etc.) on any carrier in US.

There are no monthly fees, nor does it need to be connected to any internet source (WiFi or landline) to work. It simply amplifies your existing in-building cellular service up to 32X for better talk, text, and faster internet.

Backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, 24- hour US-based customer support, 30-day better signal or money back guarantee, and lifetime technical support.

Faster speeds and increased range from WiFi sources

The Winegard® ConnecT 2.0 captures available WiFi signals providing maximum security & RV internet speed. Keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected while you travel. This ConnecT 4G model links to nationwide 4G LTE for reliable, uninterrupted, in-motion and stationary coverage.

  • Connects All Your Devices Through a Secure Hotspot
  • Supports Multiple 4G Carrier Plans
  • Maximizes Speed & Range
  • Enhances WiFi Calling & Messaging

Warranty & Support Warranty

  • 2 years Labor, 1 year Parts
  • Complimentary Telephone & Email Support
  • Complimentary Telephone & Email Support
  • Online Technical Manuals and Instructions

In The Box

  • Antenna
  • 20ft power cable
  • Exterior mounting hardware
  • Interior mounting hardware
  • Manual

Put more home in your Airstream

From portable satellites with easy setup and storage to automatic and manual roof mounted satellite antennas, including the RoadTrip in-motion dome antennas, and the TRAV’LER multi-satellite antennas, we have the satellite that is right for you

Winegard® satellite TV antennas are compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, Bell TV, and Shaw Direct. Portable satellite antennas offer easy setup and storage. Roof mounted antennas permanently mount to the roof of your RV allowing for quicker setup and no storage space required.

Power‑packed, quiet and lightweight


The Yamaha 2200 Watt EF2200iS incorporates a completely new controller with advanced programming, allowing the EF2200iS the ability to power a much wider range of applications. It weighs in at 44.1 pounds, making it easily portable. Among the quietest portable generators in its class, the EF2200iS features Smart Throttle technology which allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction.


  • Fuel Petcock ‐ Prevents stale gas problems and gummed‐up carburetors.
  • Fuel Gauge ‐ Allows quick fuel level inspection without turning off the unit and removing the fuel cap.
  • Smart Throttle™ ‐ Varies engine speed based on load, improving fuel economy as well as reducing noise and engine wear.
  • Electrical Overload Breaker – Prevents generator damage, in case of overload.
  • Oil Watch Warning System ‐ Prevents engine damage caused by low oil, avoiding costly repairs and minimizing down time, adding customer confidence and peace‐of‐mind.
  • Twin Tech (Parallel generator operation) ‐ The EF2200iS can be operated in parallel to deliver up to 30 amps.
  • The EF2200iS incorporates a completely new controller with advanced programming resulting in improved output characteristics between 1600w-2000w operation ranges. The addition of the new programming allows the EF2200iS the ability to power a much wider range of applications than previous generations.
  • The EF2200iS is fitted with Yamaha’s most technologically sophisticated muffler. It’s so quiet that you can have a conversation near one and may not realize it is running. (51.5 dBA to 61 dBA – ¼ rated to rated load).
  • The Yamaha EF2200iS Inverter generator supplies clean, high quality power. The EF2200iS – with its inverter system – features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) so voltage stability is within ± 1%, and frequency stability is ± 0.1 HZ. Its pure sine wave is as clean as or cleaner than public utilities power.
  • Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine durability ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
  • Compact ‐ 2.2 cu.ft. size is easy to store and transport.
  • OHV engine with cast iron cylinder liner ‐ Efficient, reliable, powerful providing long life and excellent heat dissipation. Includes steel camshaft and valve train components.

For camping and tailgating


Generate power day and night with the FIRMAN® 1700-Watt recoil portable inverter generator. This versatile unit will help run your appliances and electronics. Ideal for RV, tailgating, and back-up power. The conveniently located multi-featured control panel has custom designed outlet covers that protect outlets from dirt, dust, and debris. Starting is as simple as a pull of the cord. Everything you need comes standard in the box. Just add gas.


  • 2100 starting watt/ 1700 running watt
  • 0.9 Gal. fuel tank
  • 9 hour run time at 25% load
  • Outlets (2) 120-Volt standard (5-20 duplex), 12- Volt (with battery charging cables), USB (5-Volt, 2.1 Amp)
  • 54 dB
  • Integrated parallel capability, easily parallel 2 generators together and double your power output (please note: parallel kits sold separately)
  • Economy mode for fuel economy and enhanced sound reduction
  • Bonus accessories including engine oil, oil funnel and tool kit
  • 3-year limited: 1st year parts and labor; 3 years parts

12Volt AGM Power Package

  • Two Crown AGM Group 24 12V batteries
  • 100W Zamp Obsidian panel with charge control
  • Zamp Charge Controller
  • Victron BMV-712

6Volt AGM Power Package

  • Two Crown AGM Group 24 6V batteries
  • 200W Zamp Obsidian panel with charge control
  • Zamp Charge Controller
  • Victron BMV-712

Lithium Power Package

  • Two group 24 - 200Ah Battle Born Lithium Batteries
  • 300W Zamp Obsidian panel with charge control
  • Converter Upgrade
  • Zamp Charge Controller
  • Victron BMV-712

Premium Lithium Power Package

  • Two group 27 - 240Ah Viper Lithium Batteries
  • 300W Zamp Obsidian panel with charge control
  • Converter Upgrade
  • Zamp Charge Controller
  • Victron BMV-712

All of the necessities to start your Airstreaming experience


  1. RV Toilet Paper
  2. Gas Match
  3. Coupler Safety Clip
  4. Gray Tank Deodorizer
  5. Step Stool
  6. Fresh Water Hose
  7. Gray Water Hose
  8. Sewer Hose Support
  9. RV Leveling Blocks
  10. Disposable Gloves
  11. 15 amp to 30 amp Adaptor
  12. 2 Step Mats
  13. Sewer Hose and Sewer Hose Extension
  14. Surface Leveler
  15. Waste Digester
  16. 2 Wheel Chocks
  17. Handheld Broom

*Products in kit may vary from brands pictured

Backup Monitor System


Using WiSight™ technology, this digital wireless observation system far exceeds the performance of any analog wireless observation system on the market by digitally locking the Voyager camera to its monitor, eliminating interference from outside signals. Delivering a sharp, vivid picture, WiSight™ technology is strong enough to travel through and around objects, and works on vehicles 60+ feet in length.

  • Delivering A Sharp, Vivid Picture, WiSight™ Technology Is Strong Enough To Travel Through And Around Objects And Works On Vehicles 60+ Foot In Length
  • Non-Corrosive Camera Mounting Bracket
  • One Input For Wired Cameras, Monitor Works With One Wireless Camera Audio Capability
  • System Includes Suction Cup Monitor Mount, DC Plug And Stainless Steel Hardware For Camera Mount Can Be Permanently Mounted
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

tst Tire

Help prevent blow-outs by constantly monitoring tire pressure and temperature. Portable system automatically monitors tire pressure and temperature on up to 22 tires, accommodating any vehicle or towing configuration. Easy-to-read monitor features a large, illuminated display that shows tire pressure and temperature simultaneously. Flashing LED light, audible alarm, and alert icon notify you when pressure or temperature exceeds pre-set thresholds and if PSI falls to an unacceptable level. Easy-to-install user-replaceable battery powered sensors fit on valve stems with no need to remove tires from rims. Revolutionary flow-through tire sensor design enables adding / removing air & checking pressure without removing sensor. Sensors detect pressure and temperature readings every six seconds and alert you instantaneously to any issue.

Sensor Features:

  • Detect leaks and temperature variances swiftly and reliably
  • Industrial strength
  • Powered by user-replaceable CR1632 batteries
  • Flow-Through Design - add / remove air & check pressure without removing the sensor
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to remove during seasonal storage to conserve & extend battery life
  • Replaceable seal for long-lasting durability

Monitor Features:

  • Easy-to-install with included dashboard-mount or suction cup windshield mount
  • Unique auto-coding feature streamlines and simplifies installation
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery runs up to 36 hours wirelessly
  • Operates on vehicle 12-volt DC or hardwire
  • Automatic illumination adapts to any light level
  • Programmable high/low pressure & temperature thresholds
  • Flashing red LED light and audible alarm
  • Read pressure in PSI, BAR, Kpa, Kgf/cm2, temperature in F or C
  • Up to 60 linear ft. range - farther with easy-to-install repeater (sold separately)
  • Easy-to-use icons



The new MaxxAir II® is the most advanced vent cover ever, available in the same popular colors as the original vent cover. The New MaxxAir II® has doubled the vent opening compared to our original vent cover, and it includes our exclusive easy-to-open hinged brackets.

  • 6-year warranty.
  • Twice as much vent area as our original vent cover.
  • Hinged hardware included for easy opening and cleaning – No tools required.
  • Solid one-piece, sleek aerodynamic design.
  • Lets in fresh air anytime, rain or shine.
  • Stale, musty air, smoke and cooking odors escape while rain stays out.
  • Prevents heat build-up.
  • Made of high density Polyethylene with maximum UV Protection.
  • Available in translucent white, smoke tine and black colors.
  • Can be safely installed over high powered RV ventilator fans.
  • Fits over most 14” x 14” standard roof vents.


Fiamma Bike Rack

Airstream has teamed up with Fiamma® to codevelop a unique bike carrier specially customized to satisfy the exacting demands of the Airstream travel trailer owner.

Airstream Carry-Bikes have been designed to address the needs of the following model lines, in all lengths and floor plans: International – from 2001 Model Year to present, Flying Cloud – from 2009 Model Year to present, and Safari from 1997 model year to present (retrofit kit available for Classic models).

Precision-manufactured from light weight extruded aluminum, the Carry-Bike is both light weight and strong, with a carrying capacity of 75 lbs., or 35 kg., suitable for 2 bicycles. The Airstream Carry-Bikes mounts on the rear of the Airstream trailer, allowing continued access to integrated rear bumper storage. Bikes mount securely on the unit and loading and unloading is quick and easy.

Truma AquaGo®
The Revolutionary Instant Water Heater

tst Tire

Truma’s instant hot water heaters are perfectly balanced to enhance the comfort of RVers on the road. Customers whose vehicles are equipped with the Truma AquaGo® will have a comfortable water temperature while enjoying an unlimited supply of hot water without the risk of scalding.

Available models: Truma AquaGo® comfort plus and Truma AquaGo® Comfort

For Hot Water Comfort

  • True instant hot water at every tap* - That’s Truma luxury
  • Truma hybrid technology keeps temperature constant - No scalding
  • Exclusive decalcification technology - Extends life and maintains performance
  • Simply open “Easy Drain Lever” - Winterization done

Unique Features

  • The only instant water heater utilizing hybrid technology with a temperature stabilizer (mixing vessel)
  • At 60K BTU, the most powerful water heater on the market
  • Simple maintenance with “Easy Drain Lever”

Power Pack Scissors Jacks

tst Tire

The BAL® 12-volt motor kit provides nearly automatic stabilizing at the push of a button. Light weight and high RPM; this sealed motor has easy access to manual override.

The power pack is designed to quickly lower the jack to the ground or raise it back to the closed position. Using the motor to lift a vehicle may cause damage to the motor and/or jack.


  • Power pack raises and lowers effortlessly
  • Three-position rocker switch operation
  • Manual back-up operation available

Truly Defines Performance Fabrics

tst Tire

Available in a variety of colors for International Signature, Serenity and Flying Cloud models.

Stainless Steel Upgrades

tst Tire
  • Furnace door
  • City water fill door
  • Water heater door (riveted, or non-riveted)
  • Range vent
  • Stainless steel exterior shower
  • Stainless steel exterior outlet cover
  • Stainless steel exterior cable cover


Stainless Steel Rock Guards

Protect your investment from dings due to road debris by adding stainless steel rock guards to your Sport or Bambi. Rock guards act as the first line of defense in keeping the front of your Airstream free of minor dings and scratches.

Bumper Kit

Bumper Kit


Window Awning Package

Zip Dee Window Awning Package

Go ahead open your windows and enjoy the refreshing breeze. Zip Dee Window Awnings will keep out the sun and the rain, and provide extra privacy as well.

Each Zip Dee® Awning is crafted strictly by hand, one at a time. Zip Dee® Awnings are woven of tough, American-made acrylic fabric, a Zip Dee® exclusive. Unlike vinyl, Zip Dee’s special acrylic material breathes, dries quickly and resists rotting, cracking, peeling and mildew. And just as the memory of your travels won’t fade over the years, neither will your awning’s brilliant colors because the color is vat-dyed directly into the fibers. The fabric will withstand the most intense sun, rain and other cruelties nature can conjure up.

Zip Dee® Awnings are also highly water resistant. While other manufacturers warn you not to touch the undersides of their awnings and suggest a yearly dousing of a waterproofing chemical, Zip Dee® Awnings come attached with no such strings. Zip Dee’s fabrics have proven to be water and fade-resistant for up to 20 years. And unlike many awnings, Zip Dee’s are sewn with special seams to minimize sagging, drooping and swaying. It’s the same construction found in store-front, marina and other commercial awnings.

But some of the real nuts and bolts of our advantages are just that - nuts and bolts. Zip Dee® uses stainless steel nuts, washers, screws and other hardware for a longer, rust-free life.

Custom Pinstripe & Badges

Custom pinstripes and badges


  • One-inch and two-inch sizes dual cast
  • Premium 3M vinyl material specifically designed for exterior applications
  • Expected product life of seven years
  • Removable
  • Care: Hand wash with a damp cloth, avoiding pressure washers that can cause peeling

Custom Badges

  • 1/8 & 1/16 aluminum plate
  • Choose name, font and color
  • UV protected & weather resistant
  • Scratch resistant

Custom Window Wrap

Seagull Pro Custom Wrap

Personalize your Airstream with custom window wrap graphics. We produce custom window graphics using high-quality, full-color digital printing. Our window graphics are perforated, which means they are see-through from inside your Airstream but have full-color on the outside. Simply select a digital photograph from your collection and we will do the rest for you.

Note: The quality of the image printed will depend on the resolution and size of picture provided (if the image is too small and with low resolution, the more pixelated and blurry the image will be). Panoramic photos are recommended. The images need to have 300dpi of resolution. It is recommended images are above 3000px wide (Note: Stock photos used for demos are around 5000px – 8000 px wide then they get stretched 3-4 times their size to fit the 136in x 36in print area).

Boondocker Package

Boondocker Package

200W Solar expansion kit
Two additional Lifeline AGM batteries
Magnum Auto-Gen Start